Impi 2020 at Village Sports

Village Sport in Raynes Park has chosen for you the Impi 2020 for its cool design and unbelievable technical features available at that price range.

Fan of high paced 3D skills?

Adept of the wrist jig that is going to over take defensive lines and the GK by surprise?

The Impi 2020 comes with a brand new latebow just for that.

A new design has been applied to a new fabrication process allowing it to be lighter and stiffer.

As per one of our sponsored players wish, we made a limited serie with a design variation and unofficial name of AL10. Hurry, only 2 available for sale ( just 2, kids! don’t let Belgian sales guys trick you, 250 units in hockey is not a limited edition )

There are 2 versions Impi 7 and 10 respectively 70% and 100% carbon. The 7 will favour touch and comes at a fantastically low budget level.

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