RedMamba 2020 at Village Sports

Village Sport in Raynes Park has chosen for you the RedMamba 2020 for its cool design and unbelievable technical features available at that price range.

3D skills enthousiasts and hard hitters will be  waohed  by the RedMamba 2020. 2019 range was a revolution, 2020’s goes even further.

Like to set the circle on fire? drag flick at lightning speed? The RedMamba 2020 has the Lowbow and eXtreme Lowbow just for that.

This stick has new moulds and a new fabrication process: lighter and stronger

As usual, there are variation around the same weapon:

Lowbow (No groove):

  • 7: 70% carbon
  • 10: 100% carbon

Those keen for a softer touch will love the RedMamba 7 that remains extremely powerful but allows a bit more feel. The RedMamba 10 is an incredible stick that may surprise by its power with no effort.

Extreme Lowbow (with groove):

  • G10: 100% carbon

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