Stick Tribaal Origin Red Indoor 23-24



New mould, new feel, new arwork, the one that started it all.

50% carbon, latebow

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Those who want to do everything…FAST and WELL will be waoh’d by the Origin Red 2023-24.

Indoor stick have a very different challenge that outdoor’s; too stiff and ball bounces back…or up generating the hire of the ref.
This new latebow mould with the brand new artwork will take advantage of the balanced carbon/fiberglass composition to have the maximum power with fantastic feel and control.

No variation here, this is the silver bullet kind of stick


  • 50% carbon

Those keen for a softer touch will love the Origin Blue  that remains extremely powerful. TheOrigin Red is an incredible stick that may surprise by its power with no effort.


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Additional information

Weight 0,6 kg
Dimensions 95 × 6 × 8 cm

36.5", 37.5", 38.5"