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The Tokyo 21 stick is to celebrate our love of Japan and their capacity to deal with what ever gets thrown at them…like this stick.

2020 will not happen? Japan is ready for 2021.

This limited edition stick is a full carbon sticks that comes in 3 shapes:

The Spoon: Lowbow with groove in the head and the shaft for skills, thick shaft for an unbelievable reverse hit. Flat Midbow curve on the top edge, latebow AND lowbow curve on the lower edge. Groove in the shaft and head.

Latebow: to do everything…at speed, 3D to the moon.

Midbow: for those who want to increase their defensive skills and ease to power through the lines


Take advantage of the pre-order prices now. We already have a couple of pre orders, so we will proceed with a batch from the factory. The size of the batch will depend on the number of pre orders. There will be only one batch. If you snooze, you loose.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 95 × 6 × 8 cm

10: 100% c Latebow, 10: 100% c, lowbow, 10: 100% c, probow


36.5", 37.5"

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