Paris 2024 limited edition stick pre-order


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Paris is the world capital of 2024. We created specific artwork to celebrate it. Sticks are, as we speak, in the fabrication.

The Paris Edition 2024 sticks combine touch & hitting performance of the highest level. We love light sticks with high balance points that trap the ball easily as well as transfer hitting power .

Moulds available :

  • xLowbow for extreme lowbow, it has a thin head edge combined with a fat back hand edge. when low is not low enough we added a groove. This make the stick a ball magnet in your dribbles and traps.
  • Grooved Jumbow: a very progressive lowbow with a slight groove to keep the stick super easy to handle under pressure
  • Asian Jumbow: a very progressive low/late bow, thin head and thick shaft. The type of sticks that large brands keep for Asia, for those who like to run (we salute you) and want to perform at high speed
  • Probow: a late/mid bow ideal for those who like to intercept those fancy forwards, play upright or low, this stick has unlimited potential
  • Spoon: the assymetrical double bow gives a ball magnet feel for the master dribblers, the forward stick that gives nightmares to defenders
  • Display: these sticks have been developed for display…not for playing


Delivery limited to UK and EU (contact us if you want delivery in other countries)

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France, Universal, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands


Asian Jumbow, Asian Jumbow 7, Display, Grooved Jumbow, Lowbow, Probow, Spoon, xLowbow (w groove)


36.5", 37.5", 36, 37.5 XL, 38.5"