Stick Tribaal Origin Yellow




New mould, new design, ltd edition for fast paced hockey.

10: 100% carbon, latebow

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Are you a fan of high paced 3D skills?

If you are an adept of the wrist jig that is going to overtake defensive lines and take the goalkeeper by surprise?

The Tribaal Origin Yellow is a brand new latebow designed just for that.

To the new design a new fabrication process has been applied allowing it to be lighter and stiffer.

This limited edition stick has only been made in 5 samples ( kids! don’t let Belgian sales guys trick you, 250 units in hockey is not a limited edition )

The Tribaal Origin Yellow is a 37.5″ <550gr 100% Carbon  latebow stick

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 99 × 10 × 12 cm

10: 100% c Latebow, 10: 100% c, Latebow + shami (+5€), 10: 100% c, latebow + shami + large stickbag (+5€)


36.5", 37.5"

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